Jeté Dance Information

updated 16/01/2018


We follow the school term dates along with having no lessons on public holidays. 

2019 Terms

Start date – Finish Date

Public Holidays - No classes

Term 1 - 11 weeks

Monday 28th January - Sunday 14th April 

Waitangi Day: Wednesday 6th February

Term 2 - 10 weeks

Monday 29th April - Sunday 7th July

Queens Birthday: Monday 3rd June

Term 3 - 10 weeks 

Monday 22 July – Sunday 29th September 


Term 4 - up to 10 weeks 

Monday 14th October – TBC

Labour Day: Monday 28th October

Canterbury Anniversay: Friday 15th November 

 We are  passionate about dance and fitness. Our classes are structured with a fun-filled atmosphere while also promoting a positive learning environment.  My goal, along with my teachers, is to provide a valuable service for all members, one that is professional, teaches good quality of dance and gymnastic foundations, encourages self-esteem and that helps develop the love and appreciation for the art of dance.  We care about every single dancer and my teachers and I value you and your child being part of the Jeté Family.


  • REGISTRATION & FEES - changes
  • PAYMENT PLANS  - changes 
  • WEB SITE: 
  • MUSIC: 


Registration for new enrolments  includes a $25 non-refundable fee.  Fees are due 7 days from invoice unless a payment arrangement has been made. 

Fees are based on the following 

  • $ 30.00 per lesson – 2 hour class 
  • $ 15.00 per lesson – 1 hour class 
  • $ 14.00 per lesson – 45 minutes 
  • $ 13.00 per lesson – 30 minutes 

DISCOUNTS on Tuition – 3 hours  -  5%, 3 classes - 5%,   4 classes  - 15%,  6 classes -  20%,  8 classes -  25%

(Classes enrolled per child, percentage off per family) 

ACCOUNTS & PAYMENT PLANS   important changes

We understand that fees can create extra stress on household budgets and therefore we do allow payment plans.   Payments can be made weekly or fortnightly and must be set up as an AP.  We will charge $20.00 administration fee per term for payment plans as this not only effects our business income also creates extra hours for administration staff.  If you opt out of the administration fee then you will have $5.00 per week added to your account for any late fees outside of our standard 7 days.  (this could total up to  $55.00 in a term) .

To arrange for a payment plan contact Kerry at    If no formal plan has been accepted by us and  you are making regular payments this fee will still be added to your account.   

We will send out an invoice at the start of your enrolment. Thereafter at the start of each term or when required.. A statement will be sent to you in the first week of each month showing your invoices and payment history and balance owing.  Accounts are managed by Kerry Meyers, she can be contacted at please email her regarding any questions regarding your account.  

Late fees will be added to your account for late payment. We calculate $5.00 per week and this will be added monthly if required.  If you have a payment plan in place no late fee will be added , only the payment plan fee per term..   Please pay consistently and on time, to avoid late fees.  We will forward any debts outstanding after 3 months to debt collection which will incur further costs.

  • Fees term are 7 days unless arrangement made 
  • Payment plans will cost $20.00 per term 
  • A one-time admin fee of $25 is charged to all new students. 
  • Late fees will be added to your account unless regular weekly/fortnightly payments are received through the school term. If you would like to pay weekly or fortnightly, please contact our office to arrange this. 
  • INTERNET BANKING 01-0221-0184819-00  
  • (Reference, Student's Name and Studio Venue) 
  • We accept payments using PayPal for credit cards. You will find the link on your invoice. (* Please note that a processing fee applies which we on charge to you*)    PayPal  


When a student cannot make it to class due to illness, out of town, holidays, or other personal reasons please text the teacher so that they know.  Jeté Dance does not credit any missed classes.  Payment is still due on your due date to continue to hold the spot in the class for your child. 

If Jeté Dance is forced to cancel a class due to weather related closures or the teacher cannot be available for unforeseen circumstances we will Endeavor to have a makeup class later in the term.  Jeté Dance will choose another date to make up for missed classes outside of the normal class timetable. If you are unable to attend no refunds/credits are entitled. You will be notified via e- mail  /text if a class is cancelled 

Regular attendance is required for each class. In order for students to gain strength and maintain consistent class levels, students must have consistent attendance  


We  run dance programes during the school holidays.  These can be for a day or a full week and you can choose how often you come.  Newsletter will be sent out when these are running and any theme that may be assocated with the class.  Bring plenty of refreshments.  Booking is done online.


Sign up a friend and receive a one week credit of your account: 


If your child is withdrawn from a class, the studio must be notified before the start of the next term. Any outstanding fees on the account must be paid in full upon withdrawal. Failure to notify Jeté Dance will result in continued term charges, unless we received requested notice. 


Students are role models to other Jeté Dance students and they are representing Jeté Dance in the community. Students are expected to own Jeté uniform, which is to be worn to and from class and any other Jeté Dance related competitions or events. 

You can purchase from Jeté Dance: T-Shirt, Singlet, Crop Top, Jeté Dance Leotard (with or without skirt). Jeté Dance Shorts, ¾ Tights, Full Length Tights and DANCE SHOES 

You are to wear the correct shoes to the correct style of class. Hair pulled back off your face in a bun, plait or secure ponytail. No watches or jewellery to be worn in class 


By enrolling with Jeté Dance Students/Parents/Legal Guardians consent to Photography and Videos taken of Jeté Dance Students in class or during any Jeté Dance Performance or Activity and used on any of our social media, web pages, or any other forms of advertising with no expiry date. 


We do have assistant teachers in some classes who will assist the teacher. The student teacher will be helping the teacher in various ways. Due to unforeseen events, it may be necessary to have a substitute teacher at times, or we may need to cancel classes. If classes are cancelled due to personal reasons, a make-up class schedule will be scheduled. 


Students can work towards exams in their choice of dance and/or sit medal awards.   

EXAMS:  Exams are tested by a accredited examiner from NZAMD.  

Students work through a syllabus of requirements set down by NZAMD and are graded on their work.  The Syllabus is worked on in the first 2 -3 terms of the year. Exams are only sat in front of a examiner there is no audience.   

Exams are normally around July -September of the year. Exams can be done for Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop and Contemporary 

COST:  Junior Exams $ TBA      Major exams  $ TBA 

MEDALS:  are tested by an accredited examiner from NZAMD.   A Medal award is aimed at encouraging students to dance, allowing them to perform in front of an audience in a fun atmosphere. Medal awards are not compulsory, but we strongly recommend that your child takes part. This can help lead them towards the examination system if doing exams and for the non-exam classes, performance is important at all levels and for all styles. Some costuming or “dress up” is encouraged, but is optional. Makeup and accessories may be used. These all add to the sense of fun and performance intended with these medals.  Students are presented with their medals by the examiner on the same day as their performance.

A report card will also be completed by the examiner.  Students will receive a medal certificate ranging from Junior Bronze – through to Senior Gold . Medal tests can be done for Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Contemporary and Group COSTS: Medal Awards are $TBA  (includes admin fee) 

Exam and medal fees will be added to your term 2 account.   If you don’t wish to sit the exam and or medal, please let your teacher know before the end of term 1.  


Any dancers that would like their music to practice at home can hand in a usb stick or a blank CD (with your name on the cover) to your teacher. 


All parents with children aged 6 years or older are not to stay during class time. Everylast week of term we will have a viewing day were all parents, friends and family can come view what they have been up to for the term. Your teacher has the right to ask you to leave if you do not action this. 


Those that are interested in private lessons can talk to Laura to organise. Price varies dependant on quantity and the teacher  


All students will be rolled over into following term, at the same day and time as their current class. If you need to change day or are not returning for the following term, please inform us to avoid withdrawal fee 


We have competition groups and soloists who are entered into local, national and international competitions.  Many of our students have gained amazing success at these competitions. We hold special competition classes at each of our centres for interested students.  Auditions are required for some of these. 


Please join us on social media!! Keep up to date on events and studio information.    

We will have contests each month with social media. You won’t want to miss the awesome prizes, free classes, and MORE! 


Every year we hold an end of year performance for family and friends to showcase the work that the students have achieved during the year. Many extra hours of work are put into this by our teachers, to create an amazing show. We do expect that your child will be included. If this is not the case, let us know as early as possible in the year.  There will be extra costs which we start to invoice out in Term 3 for costumes, extra practices and dress rehearsals. If you have not told us directly we will adopt that your child will be part of this show.  If you find the extra costs towards the end of the year over whelming, we do suggest that you make regular extra payments on your account to keep ahead of your account.  (more in formation at the bottom of this letter) 


  • Your child will need a carry bag to transport their belongings in. Students should never wear dance shoes outside. Arrive in your street shoes and put dance shoes on when in the studio. 

  • Mark your child’s belongings, including dance shoes, jackets, coats, etc. Many items get misplaced and we easily can find the owner if their items are marked. 

  • Bring a filled water bottle to class each week. Students work hard and need to re-hydrate. The studio has no drinking fountain and water is so important to keep your dancer healthy and replenished. 

  • Arrive 15 minutes before start time to warm up.  

  • Go to the bathroom before class starts. Don’t loudly talk to others in class when you should be practicing (or when you arrive to warm up).  

  • Watch your teacher carefully; you want to be doing the moves exactly as they are shown/told to you. Perform 100% every time you do something, e.g. when doing your dances with and without the music, and technique/corner work. 

  • If you are waiting at the side with corner work, practice or stretch - this is not time to talk with friend. Focus on what you are doing, not everyone else. My teachers and I want you all to have a great time at dance where we have a no attitude tolerance.  

  • Dancers must treat teachers and other students how they would like to be treated. Students are expected to come to each class remembering choreography from the previous lesson. They should listen and behave appropriately in class.  

  • No parents in the dance room - except for the under 6 year’s classes. Parent Viewing Day is the last week of each term. Bring Family and friends to watch then! Please ensure you pick up your dancers on time and from inside the dance room  

  • For safety reasons please don't have them waiting on the main road unattended. 

  • Jeté Dance has the right to combine or cancel classes that do not meet the minimum required students 


I understand the risks that can arise to a student’s self or property and do not hold Jeté Dance liable for any injuries or damages by enrolling, you also agree that you have read understand and accept all policies set out by Jeté Dance.  

If we have not received from you in writing that you disagree or don’t understand our policies and procedures associated with dancing at Jeté Dance, we then accept that you agree to our terms and policies. 

My teachers and I are looking forward to working with you/your child and we know this will be a terrific year for our dancers!! Thank you for registering and we will see you soon!! 

If you have a problem or concern you may call me at 027 449 8992. I wish to keep the lines of communication open.


INFORMATION SHEET 2018 – will be updated asap 

Term 4 is dedicated to producing our end of year show! Students of Jeté  Dance showcase their improved talents in an exciting and entertaining evening to share with family and friends. This gives all students have the opportunity to perform on stage where the experience stage directions, show production (lighting and sound), costuming and makeup. 

This can be a very exciting time especially when performing with other students from their class. We make every effort to ensure that each dancer has equal and fair opportunity to perform onstage.  We want to encourage every student to be part of these shows!  We hold these in professional staged auditoriums in Auckland, Christchurch & Cambridge 







10th  December Stage Rehearsal 

14TH December 2018 


Extra  lesson will be held for us to prepare for our end of year shows.  

It is important that students attend rehearsals.  This helps the students feel more confident dancing with their peers at the performance.  They will be able to familiarise with the set of the stage and with having other performers around them. 

To ensure the performances run smoothly, students are asked to attend extra rehearsals in the weeks leading up to their showcase. There are 3 extra rehearsals plus a theatre rehearsal.   

Due to the cost of producing a show there is always extra costs invoiced during Term 3 & 4 which you need to be aware of  

Term 3 and 4 invoice extras will be invoiced as follows:  

$75.00 approx  for 3 extra rehearsal sessions and 1 stage rehearsal  

$50.00 approx  (minimum)  costume fee * for the show  

*Depending on how many dances the student will perform in, there may be a cost for each style of dance the student is enrolled into. The costume is yours to keep after the shows.   

Extra costs not included may include, make-up, hairspray, hair clips etc.  

Tickets will be available for the shows from mid October 

Your in dance 

Laura Crafts 

Admin Laura - admin@Jeté 

Accounts Kerry - accounts@Jeté