SHOW 2018

Friday  14th December 2018

The Aurora Centre   (performing arts theatre)
Burnside High School   151 Greers Road, Burnside.
Show starts -6.30pm



Term 4 is dedicated to producing our end of year show where students of Jete Dance showcase their improved talents in an exciting and entertaining evening to share with family and friends. This gives all students the opportunity to perform on stage where they experience stage directions, show production (lighting and sound), costuming and makeup. 

This can be a very exciting time especially when performing with other students from their class. We make every effort to ensure that each dancer has equal and fair opportunity to perform onstage.  We want to encourage every student to be part of these shows!  We hold these in professional staged auditoriums.  The Aurora Centre   (performing arts theatre), Burnside High School   151 Greers Road, Burnside is our choice of venue.

Extra lesson will be held for us to prepare for our end of year shows. It is important that students attend rehearsals.  This helps the students feel more confident dancing with their peers at the performance.  They will be able to familiarise with the set of the stage and with having other performers around them.To ensure the performances run smoothly, students are asked to attend extra rehearsals in the weeks leading up to their showcase. There are 3 extra rehearsals plus a theatre rehearsal.   

Due to the cost of producing a show there is always extra costs invoiced during Term 3 & 4 which you need to be aware of and why ? 

Full Rehearsal Monday 10th December 2018 

Show:  Costs

  • Term 3 and 4 invoice extras will be:  
  • $75.00 for 3 extra rehearsal sessions and 1 stage rehearsal  
  • $25.00 (minimum)  costume  rental fee * for the show  (these must be returnd or you will be charged full cost)
  • *Depending on how many dances the student will perform in, here may be extra costs for costumes  
  • Extra costs not included make-up, hairspray, hair clips etc.  
  • Tickets will be available for the shows  early November


Please let us know if your child is not performing in the shows ASAP. 

 If we haven't been advised that your child is not performing and we have already purchased their costume, you will be required to pay for it